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About us

Engineering technology.
Protecting culture.

As lovers of music and creativity, we want to help make the lives of people living in our cities better. A typical digital service for issuing tickets to attend events is a commodity product that adds little to no value outside of its basic utility. We are producing a technology platform and we're rewarding fans for going to shows in new and easy ways.

This is not just another ticketing website! The Blox Office™ is our tool to preserve what we loved most about the '90s. The rebellion. The spontaneity. The music and the magic. Our second homes and most importantly our sense of community. We are a community. We are punks dressed in floral print. We are ravers dressed in all black. We are every race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, class, and together we create our world while groovin' on the dance floor. With the help of our partners, we are starting a groundbreaking series of premier pop-up events, produced according to what you, the active caretakers of House and Techno culture, say here.

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What sets us apart

Having witnessed the evolution of Chicago and Detroit's rave scenes, we have a sincere appreciation for the history of these genres, but we know the times and they are a-changin'. With the rapid dissemination of technology throughout all aspects of our lives comes a heightened need to get creative and do something different. So... In addition to offering lower service charges for online ticket purchases, and a more efficient and secure process at the door, we're also building the world's first 100% digital fan-fueled event curation system.